Boots that are built on a women-specific last. 

“If choosing a hiking shoe is difficult in general, for women it is particularly complicated…. It must be said that women’s feet are more sensitive, and morphologically different from those of men. Irritations caused by rubbing the tibia, for example, affect nearly 50% of users.” – (original quote in french)


For these reasons, LOWA has been producing outdoor footwear designed particularly with the anatomy of women’s feet in mind from the very beginning. At first glance, you will not notice much of a difference between shoes designed for men and women. But it all changes once you slip on a pair. You immediately feel the many functional details and the sophisticated technology that goes into female footwear.


LOWA exclusive “Women’s Features”:

The special features of LOWA women boots

1. Soft padded edging
Women’s calves begin lower than men’s do. For this reason, the outdoor footwear that LOWA makes for women is equipped with a specially-padded edging. That is both soft and flexible.

2. Specially padded tongue
To prevent pressure points, the tongue of women’s shoes includes a layer of viscoelastic padding. Under the influences of the body’s natural temperature, the padding then adapts itself to the anatomic structure of the instep and shin. As a result, the tongue will not shift to the side, and the comfort of the footwear is increased markedly.

3. LOWA women’s lasts
To create the perfect fit, the lasts used for female footwear have been specially designed with the anatomy of women’s feet in mind. The last plays a key role in the ultimate fit of a shoe. Women’s feet have less volume than men’s feet. As a result, the instep height and the ball area of these lasts have been modified.

4. Mid-sole and insoles especially for women
When women walk, their joints and ligaments absorb much of the ground reaction forces produced in the process. For this reason, LOWA uses a more flexible mid-sole to provide good cushioning. The insole provides a pleasant-to-wear sensation in the shoe. It is made of soft, viscoelastic foam and a supple upper material. The result? A snug home for the foot.

LOWA Women collections: