LOWA Socks

LOWA Canada introduces its new product line: the LOWA socks. Those socks are specialized for all types of activities including alpine, backpacking, trekking and many more. Already established for several years in Europe, we are happy to invite you to discover the socks category that has been developed according to each of our boots in order to offer you the best combination of comfort and functionality.

Every LOWA collection is known for excellent fit, exceptional comfort and innovative technology. These hallmark qualities are seen not just in our inventive outdoor and leisure-time shoes. As everybody knows: good shoes need good socks. Lowa has developed the right sock for every need: from a shopping spree in town to an exhilarating climb up a towering alpine peak. These socks belong in everyone’s drawers at home. The essence of the collection can be summed up in just a few words: the company’s deep understanding of the foot’s anatomy, its cutting-edge knitting technology and its «made in Europe» quality. Lowa has developed a special sock for a broad range of customer groups.  In the process, the company has applied the decades of experience it has gained in shoe development to its sock collection.  Every sock features a range of technologies and details – from padding and cushioning to functional design. The result? The perfect complement to Lowa’s entire collection of footwear. See the LOWA Socks collection here


Rohner Socks

We decided to work in collaboration with Rohner to offer you two quality European brands and expand buying opportunities in the Canadian market. Rohner differentiates itself in the socks market by three elements: technology, innovation, and quality. The Swiss company focuses all of its efforts to create the most innovative and comfortable socks. To achieve this goal, they implement the best materials available, and they use their own developed and latest technologies.

When Jacob Rohner founded his socks company in the small town of Balgach in the Rhine Valley of Switzerland in 1930, he had a revolutionary idea in mind. He was looking to create a sock that would excel in performance, comfort, quality, and design – the essential companion to the most demanding conditions and activities. Using a circular knitting machine, the finest natural materials and an attention to detail only the Swiss could perfect, Rohner, broke the mold, exceeding all expectations of what a sock should be. Rohner socks are made for everyone; Athletes, business professionals, and kids.

Today, Rohner’s fundamental mission remains true, but the socks have evolved. Each day, they build on an already-perfect sock, innovating and discovering new technologies to take it to the next level. Every stitch has a reason, every fabric has a purpose. Those socks are produced with high-quality materials and with the best technologies in Europe (Portugal, Italy, and Germany). One of their interesting technologies is the Rohner Air Channel System R.A.C.S. This system improves dampness control. Indeed, dampness is drawn into the terry with the help of High Tech Yarns (i.e. Coolmax®). The puffers, which are made of cotton or woollen terry, collect and store very efficiently the dampness. In addition, they guarantee more comfort through dry feet and dryer socks.

As a Switzerland company, Rohner takes the environment very seriously. That’s why they have created the Next footprint project to minimize their footprints on their products. They use low water consumption, no chemical release to waterways and climate neutral sourcing of energy. Sustainability is in the fabric. They use organic cotton in the socks and they respect the All International European Regulations. They have removed all plastic from the packaging and replace it with sustainable biodegradable paper. At Rohner Socks, their words respect their actions.

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