Trident III GTX

$ 290.00

Functional and lightweight, the TRIDENT III GTX® is anything but a heavy winter clodhopper. Whether taking an autumn stroll in chilly, wet weather or ploughing your way through deep snow, the multifunctional winter model is the perfect companion for any type of outdoor adventure thanks to its warm GORE-TEX® Partelana lining.

GORE-TEX® Lining : Highly breathable, durably waterproof lining material. Keeps feet pleasantly dry and offers optimised climate comfort for a broad range of outdoor activities.
DynaPU®: LOWA’s proprietary polyurethane (PU) foam that offers the durability, rebound and support that’s typical of PU, combined with the light weight normally associated with EVA foam.
LOWA Rubber Sole
LOWA Rubber Outsole: Conceived and developed by LOWA, this rubber outsole varies in its rubber blend has a tread design with varying lugs, both factors based on intended use. Ideal for off-trail use.
Medium Stabilizer
Medium Stabilizer: Nylon joint-stabilizing element offers optimal support for outdoor activities
Single Injection
Single Injection: This manufacturing method of injection molding offers the highest precision with a direct and solid connection between the sole and the upper.
Support Frame
Support Frame: A higher wrap web construction gives the user good support for off-trail and backcountry use.



Even though the LOWA Trident III GTX is described as a classic, it bears no resemblance at all to tradi­tional winter boots. The sporty design reminds you of a multi­func­tional shoe and not of a heavily lined heating unit for your feet. The Trident III GTX also includes new technologies: A high synthetic upper with textile elements, the LOWA Monowrap frame and the warm Gore-Tex Partelana lining. The outer details are a feast for the eyes. Partic­ularly, the LOWA Snow Trac outsole with its triangle-shaped stud profile. Func­tional and light­weight – the Trident III GTX is anything but a winter clod­hopper. No matter whether you are taking an autumn stroll in chilly, wet weather, ploughing through deep snow during a winter hike or looking for a backup for an evening of mulled wine – the multi­func­tional winter model is the perfect companion for any type of outdoor adventure. 100% Waterproof and breathable thanks to its Gore-Tex lining.


The Trident III GTX is equipped with a LOWA Rubber Outsole. Conceived by LOWA to meet the chal­lenges of real-world use, the profile design is made from an optimized rubber compound. The result is a rubber outsole with good traction in the back­country and off-trail. There is no question about where the LOWA Snow Trac should be put to work: snow, any form of it. It comes with a special outsole design, a proven rubber compound for winter and a serrated stud arrangement.


More features:

  • Special outsole profile design for increased slip resistance in snowy conditions.
  • Good terrain response and the very best stability.
  • Serrated stud arrangement.


Did you know? All LOWA footwear is 100% made and sourced in Europe! This means the fabric, and other materials that go into a LOWA are all manufactured under the world’s most strict environmental and humanitarian standards. In the EU, fair labour and environmental standards are the law of the land. LOWA’s strategy of producing 100% of its products in Europe and remaining in its headquarters in Jetzendorf still proves itself a model of success. Customers appreciate the combination of tradition and innovation and value the function, quality and fit of LOWA footwear.



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Weight1040 g/pair

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Trident III GTX