Renegade LL MID

Renegade LL MID

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This style is a classic among multi-functional boots, thanks to its stable upper of nubuck leather and an innovative sole construction. It can be called into duty for a wide variety of needs yet is outstandingly suitable for hikes on groomed trails. The leather lining offers great fit and very good temperature regulation.

Double Injection
Double Injection: Comfort and cushioning is further improved for specific uses with a complex injection-molding process using a layering process.
Hard Stabilizer
Hard Stabilizer: Nylon joint-stabilizing element offers perfect support for more intense outdoor activites.
Leather lining
Leather Linning: This lining provides pleasant comfort for your foot and good temprature management. Fit, durability and its ability to absorb moisture make a leather lining the optimal choice for comfort-oriented consumers.
Support Frame
Support Frame: A higher wrap web construction gives the user good support for off-trail and backcountry use.
Vibram®: These outstanding soles and rubber blends offer impressive traction on various surfaces and, at the same time, optimal abrasion resistance. Vibram® has always stood for premium, slip-resistant, long-lasting soles and has for years been the market leader in this segment.



The LOWA Renegade LL MID – the multi­talented footwear that has gained a cult status. Even after two decades of proven use, this classic version of multi­func­tional boots still has a fresh look and offers the very best performance. The comfortable wearing experience is created in particular by the high-quality upper and sole design and the leather lining. No matter whether you need footwear for your active everyday life or for spon­taneous hikes on groomed trails – the Renagade LL MID is your perfect companion. The leather lining offers great fit and very good temperature regulation.


The Renegade LL MID comes equipped with a Vibram sole. The Italian sole manu­facturer has been one of the leading brands of high-quality soles for many years. The VIBRAM EVO applies proven Vibram tech­nology: multi­func­tional profile design with an optimal rubber compound for hikes performed on the widest range of terrains. Combined with the proven heel profile for pleasant descents.


More features:

  • Optimal cushioning.
  • Outdoor-oriented tread.
  • Ensures stability and non-slip performance.


The LOWA Renegade LL MID is also available in a waterproof GORE-TEX version as the Renegade GTX MID. Also available in low-cut versions as the Renegade LL LO and Renegade GTX LO.


Did you know? All LOWA footwear is 100% made and sourced in Europe! This means the fabric, and other materials that go into a LOWA are all manufactured under the world’s most strict environmental and humanitarian standards. In the EU, fair labour and environmental standards are the law of the land. LOWA’s strategy of producing 100% of its products in Europe and remaining in its headquarters in Jetzendorf still proves itself a model of success. Customers appreciate the combination of tradition and innovation and value the function, quality and fit of LOWA footwear.



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Weight1180 g/pair size 8



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Renegade LL MID

“The leather lining used in the new LOWA Renegade LL Mid boot is literally like slipping your feet into soft leather gloves…if that were possible.”

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“Think of the Lowa Renegade LL Mid Men’s Boots as trail companions. The multi-functional boot is touted as an all-terrain vehicle, good for both traipsing the hiking trails and tooling around on a mountain bike. These aren’t rough riders built for making long-distance hauls on famed trails like the Pacific Crest or Appalachian. Instead, they are faithful foot soldiers for legions of weekend warriors looking for lightweight reliability in the woods. […] What rose to the top about these boots are the way they felt and breathed. The leather seemed to mold to my feet while there was a decent breathability to the boots. They didn’t feel stuffy or hot. Another plus was the boot didn’t take on an unpleasant aroma, it just kind of smelled like leather. Noses know how important that can be, especially at the end of the day when both boots and beer caps come off.

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“One thing that I really like about the Lowa Renegade LL Mid boots is the extra support that they offer in their “over the ankle fit.” Although they are labeled as a “mid” type boot, they offer substantial more support than other mid-type hiking boots that I’ve owned. With three lace hooks, I can get the perfect tension, fit, and support that I need for the steep desert hills that I need.

The Lowa Renegade LL are soled with Vibram  which provide serious traction on the ever unstable desert floor. The boot uppers are constructed of a water-repellant waxed nubuk leather is not only flexible but strong, and offers a layer of protection while hiking.

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