Locarno GTX LO WS

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Spontaneous outings from here on out will not be the exception but rather the rule! This is ensured by the casual look and performance details of the LOCARNO GTX® LO Ws, which supports women perfectly in their active lifestyle. The stylish leather embossing, a reduced LOWA-MONOWRAP® construction and the cushioning midsole made of LOWA DynaPU® ensure a casual look, but also provide optimum support for spontaneous outdoor use.

Double Injection
Double Injection: Comfort and cushioning is further improved for specific uses with a complex injection-molding process using a layering process.
GORE-TEX® Lining : Highly breathable, durably waterproof lining material. Keeps feet pleasantly dry and offers optimised climate comfort for a broad range of outdoor activities.
DynaPU®: LOWA’s proprietary polyurethane (PU) foam that offers the durability, rebound and support that’s typical of PU, combined with the light weight normally associated with EVA foam.
LOWA Rubber Sole
LOWA Rubber Outsole: Conceived and developed by LOWA, this rubber outsole varies in its rubber blend has a tread design with varying lugs, both factors based on intended use. Ideal for off-trail use.
Soft Stabilizer
Soft stabilizer: Nylon joint-stabilizing element offers optimal support for recreational activity
Support Frame
Support Frame: A higher wrap web construction gives the user good support for off-trail and backcountry use.



Hiking shoes are by definition not necessarily suited for everyday wear. Nevertheless, they are being worn more and more often in the city. What was previously considered stiff and excessive is in today’s urban lifestyle nearly the norm. The func­tional hybrid LOWA Locarno GTX LO Ws with a casual look is consciously heading off in a new direction, one in which it skilfully pulls off the balancing act between lifestyle and outdoor footwear. The trendy shoe shines in every way. The reduced LOWA Monowrap frame that optimally supports the foot and the cush­ioning mid-sole made of LOWA DynaPU create a complete, eye-catching look. “Lifestyle meets outdoor” – this sums up the essence of the func­tional models in the best possible way. With its urban trend­setters, LOWA once again provides a multi­func­tional solution for all sorts of activities for users’ shoe closets – no matter whether the footwear is destined for use in the mountains or downtown.


The Locarno GTX LO Ws is equipped with a LOWA rubber outsole. Conceived by LOWA to meet the chal­lenges of real-world use, the profile design is made from an optimized rubber compound. The result is a rubber outsole with good traction in the back­country and off-trail. The self-cleaning LOWA HYBRID TRAC sole is perfect for everyday use when the weather turns windy and nasty. With the help of its profile design and special tip and heel construction, it demon­strates its true strengths during ascents and descents.


  • Designed for a women’s foot and built on a women’s last for extra comfort.
  • Outdoor-oriented tread.
  • Self-cleaning sole concept.
  • Special tread design at the toe and heel for improved traction on uphills and downhills.


The LOWA Locarno GTX LO Ws is also available in a mid-cut model as the LOWA Locarno GTX MID Ws.


Did you know? All LOWA footwear is 100% made and sourced in Europe! This means the fabric, and other materials that go into a LOWA are all manufactured under the world’s most strict environmental and humanitarian standards. In the EU, fair labour and environmental standards are the law of the land. LOWA’s strategy of producing 100% of its products in Europe and remaining in its headquarters in Jetzendorf still proves itself a model of success. Customers appreciate the combination of tradition and innovation and value the function, quality and fit of LOWA footwear.



Additional information

Weight700 g/pair


Size (US)

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Locarno GTX LO WS


“Take a pair of early 2000s Etnies or Vans, beef it up with more tread and support and you’d arrive at the Locarno GTX Lo. Of the hiking shoes on this list, the Locarno is by far the most casual in appearance, but it’s still reliably apt for trail use. It’s an interesting choice for Lowa, which has a long history as a core hiking brand that dates back to 1923.”

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“Weighing in at only 700 grams, the LOWA Locarno GTX pack a lot of technical details into their light frame. Nubuck leather and fabric surround the top of your foot while your sole rests on an ATC Climate Control Footbed. The LOWA Locarno GTX footbed is incredibly comfortable and very supportive in the arch. I am not one with high arches, so finding a shoes that matches my anatomy is always a challenge.”

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“The Locarno is a modern outdoor shoe that can take you from the trail to town in comfort and keep you looking good all the while. Available in both low-cut and mid-cut heights,with a rugged construction echoes its outdoor roots – from its premium nubuck leather uppers, waterproof/breathable GORE-TEX® lining to its MONOWRAP® stability frame, long-lasting PU midsole and lugged outsole – it’s lightweight, sleek and soft-flexing, so it’s ideal for adventure travel as well as for daily active wear. It’s available for men and women in a range of colors, and also comes in a glove leather-lined version for warm, dry conditions.”

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