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$ 240.00

The name says it all with the lace-up version of the ROCKET. This semi-flexed shoe is designed in particular for climbers who like to prove their skills both on the rocks and in climbing centres. Improved power transfer is possible with the stiffer Vibram® XS-Grip® sole. Even precise edging is also possible. The foot also gets additional support from the lacing system, which allows you to anatomically adjust the fit of the pre-stretched split leather perfectly to your own needs.


$ 230.00

If the name really says it all, then the ROCKET will literally thrust ambitious climbers up the wall. The uncushioned mono-velcro climbing shoe at least allows optimal control with direct transfer of power through its VIBRAM XS-Grip® sole. Due to its sock-like fit and flexible elastic material, the cambered shoe fits snug to the foot like a second skin to give the best performance on the cliff face, indoors or while bouldering.

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$ 230.00

Specially developed for bouldering enthusiasts and top-flight climbers too, no matter if they satisfy their passion for climbing outdoors on the rock or in the climbing gym. Thanks to a microfibre upper with “Air System Perforations”, you won’t overheat in the shoes even on sunny days or indoors.


$ 190.00

Comfort-oriented performance climbers are the target group for the FALCO VCR made with a microfibre upper. This climbing shoe with a Velcro closure system has a wide, comfortable last. The anti-bacterial “Bio-Active“ lining inhibits odours. The FALCO VCR with its comfortable fit has a medium-stiff midsole and a soft LC Super Grip outsole with good “stickiness“.