Specialty socks designed to go with your LOWA boots!

Already established for several years in Europe, LOWA Canada introduces its new product line: the LOWA socks. The essence of the collection can be summed up in just a few words: the company’s deep understanding of the foot’s anatomy, its cutting-edge knitting technology and its «made in Europe» quality. The company has applied the decades of experience it has gained in shoe development to its sock collection.  Every sock features a range of technologies and details – from padding and cushioning to functional design. The result? The perfect complement to LOWA’s entire collection of footwear.

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$ 60.00

If you are one of those individuals who is determined to climb your way to the top, the LOWA ALPINE sock is your perfect mountaineering companion. The sock is designed to provide you with exceptional support during your high-altitude tours and expeditions. The sock’s innovative material composition provides stability and optimal support to your feet. To meet these high demands, the company developed anatomic shin cushioning to relieve pressure.


$ 36.00

When you set off on a long hike in the mountains with a heavy rucksack on your back, you really need one thing: snug socks in comfortable hiking boots. The LOWA-BACKPACKING sock fits the bill perfectly. The anatomic shin cushioning provides optimal pressure relief while your heels and tendons are protected by supple padding.


$ 32.00

Off to the mountains and away from the daily grind: Thanks to its honeycomb structure, the LOWA TREKKING sock will guarantee you some great times on your feet. The sock will surprise you with its exceptional stability and comfort. The combination of unique knitting technology with functional details to support your feet will deliver the perfect hiking experience.


$ 30.00

The name says it all: The ATC sock will impress you with its versatility and remarkable comfort. No matter whether you wear them for everyday purposes, during easy hikes or on family outings – the combination of a cozy foot-bed, mid-foot padding and cushioning for your heel and tendons will provide the best-possible comfort in every situation.


$ 24.00

The LOWA ATS sock marries the city and the mountains. No matter whether you are venturing out on an extensive shopping spree or are training on some labyrinthine mountain trail – the LOWA ATS sock delivers pure comfort. Special padding provides the best-possible support in the ankle and mid-foot area, while the comfortable foot-bed makes your feet feel right at home.