Innovating since 1923

When it comes to footwear, we focus in particular on the perfect fit, a high level of functionality, a contemporary design, durability and technical innovation. We are not satisfied with second best. To live up to this high standard, we continuously involve alpinists and mountaineers from the LOWA athlete teams in the development process. They serve as experts, providing ideas and advice as well as testing the footwear under a wide variety of conditions.


With over 90 years of innovation, LOWA developed and patented many exclusive technologies that make the boots not just safer, but also more durable and comfortable.


Here’s a list of the features you can find in your LOWA boot:


Single Injection

This manufacturing method of injection moulding offers the highest precision with a direct and solid connection between the sole and the upper.

Double Injection

Comfort and cushioning are further improved for specific uses with a complex injection-moulding process using a layering process.

Fit Frame

The shell-like construction of the sole envelops and secures the foot to provide optimal fit.

Support Frame

A higher wrap web construction gives the user good support for off-trail and backcountry use.

Stability Frame

A sturdy wrap sole construction extending onto the upper ensures good stability.

Anatomical Fit

The anatomical shape of this carbon fibre insole wrapped in PU foam provides natural arch support that translates into a supportive fit and feel.


This is a specially developed foam padding used in the midsole of footwear. It plays a key role in the rolling prop­erties and the cush­ioning of the footwear. The new LOWA DynaPU+® offers even better recovery behaviour thanks to its special cell structure. This, in turn, creates an improved rebound effect for athletes. Even with constant use, the recovery behaviour does not lose any of its high performance qualities.


  • Good rebound effect
    The plastic called poly­urethane is a foam padding that has very good cush­ioning prop­erties. The plastic retains its form and springs back to its original condition even when its millions of tiny bubbles are frequently pressed together. This, in turn, creates a good rebound effect.


  • Good comfort
    The special material devel­opment is char­ac­terised by good cush­ioning prop­erties. As a result, walking comfort and rolling prop­erties have been noticeably increased – even during long hikes.


  • Light­weight
    The plastic called poly­urethane is a very light­weight foam padding. The result is a sole that offers the best form of comfort.


A LOWA-exclusive development. Optimised PU foam (polyurethane) for outstanding cushioning and rebound attitudes.

Close To The Rock

Our close-to-the-rock technology is designed to keep the distance between your foot and the rock as small as possible.

Close To The Ground

Our close-to-the-ground technology has succeeded in optimally adjusting platform and stack height to further enhance safety.

Shock Absorber

The integrated heel cushioning is set into the insole and results in more comfort and better rebound characteristics.

Stabilizers / Shanks

Soft Stabilizer

Nylon joint-stabilizing element offers optimal support for recreational activity.

Medium Stabilizer

Nylon joint-stabilizing element offers optimal support for outdoor activities.

Hard Stabilizer

Nylon joint-stabilizing element offers perfect support for more intense outdoor activities.

Soft Shank

This lightweight insole provides optimal flex in footwear for easy hiking and leisure use.

Medium Shank

This sturdy insole provides good support in footwear for trekking tours with lighter packs.

Hard Shank

This sturdy insole provides good support in footwear for trekking tours with lighter packs.

Hard Winter Shank

Sturdy insole with an additional insulating layer for good stability on difficult terrain and protection from the cold at low temperatures.


The “I-Core” carbon insert forms the intelligent core of the sole construction. Perfect flex and torsional stability are achieved with precision alignment of the carbon fibres with the lever arm for perfect flex, torsional stability, shock absorption and comfort.

Upper Technologies


Upper construction with freely moving lace hooks and other components for a more individualized fit to better adapt to personal comfort needs. The shaft of the shoe moves “in sync” with the lower leg, thereby noticeably improving walking comfort.


1. Free-moving hook for better deep pull lacing


2. Free-Moving lace parts.

Flex Fit

Easier ankle movement due to integrated “FlexZone” and flexible Lace Loop.

Flexfit Syncro®

Asymmetrical upper construction for synchronized movement of the boot’s shaft with the lower leg.

2 Zone Lacing

Independently adjustable lacing zones, one on the forefoot and one on the upper, for an improved individualized fit and better adjustments for personal comfort and different foot anatomy.

X Lacing Technology


Patented LOWA technology holds the tongue in place both vertically and horizontally. This prevents slippage and thus pressure points or blisters.


Exclusive patented LOWA locking cam hooks for totally comfortable positioning of laces within the 2 Zone system. The I-Lock system grabs the lace and holds it tight so the foot can be firmly held and supported while allowing for flexible shaft lacing. Pushing the hook clip upwards easily releases the clamping to loosen the instep lacing.

Roller Eyelets

Metal eyelets with small rollers to minimize friction and ensure easy lacing.

Fit Ribbon

This minimalist lacing system combines the highest performance with maximum weight reduction.

Double Speed Lace

The use of two laces enables adjustment at both the forefoot and rearfoot zones at the same time.

C4 Tongue

Anatomically-contoured for a natural flex that cradles the foot in comfort and promotes a faster break-in time. The four main features of the “C4” Tongue noticeably increases walking comfort:

  • Asymmetrical padding (thicker towards the outside of the foot)
  • Recessed ankle areas (inside higher than the outside)
  • Flexible curved inset towards the inside of the foot
  • Softer edging on the upper end

Adjustable Tongue

Perfect tongue placement and fit with adjustable tongue construction for personal fine-tuning.

Waterproof Zipper

A waterproof zipper protects from moisture and cold in extreme situations.


For an easier instep we built in a zipper.

Minimal Seams

Construction design minimizes the number of seams to prevent possible friction or pressure points.


Adapted from climbing technology, the slingshot heel stems from the experience of perfect heel fit.

Fit Wing

The LOWA fit wing creates the ideal tensioning direction for more control at the heel.



Highly breathable, durably waterproof lining material. Keeps feet pleasantly dry and offers optimized climate comfort for a broad range of outdoor activities.


A two-layer lining material is bonded to the GORE-TEX® membrane to create the GORE-TEX® Footwear System which keeps the footwear waterproof yet still breathable. It prevents water from seeping into the footwear, but still lets your foot “breathe” and creates an ideally temperature-regulated environment in the shoe. This, too, even in the cold, in the snow and in the most adverse weather conditions.


GORE-TEX® membrane with additional warm lining (100% polyester) keeps feet warm and dry during normal winter conditions.

GORE-TEX® Partelana

GORE-TEX® membrane with additional warm lining (80% polyester/20% wool) keeps feet warm and dry during cold weather.

GORE-TEX® Duratherm

GORE-TEX® membrane with an insulating layer of lining ensures warm and dry feet during cold weather.


The most premium synthetic insulation with a weight of 200g/m2 for warm feet in wintry conditions.


The most premium synthetic insulation with a weight of 400g/m2 for warm feet in the extreme winter cold.

Leather Lining

This lining provides pleasant comfort for your foot and good temperature management. Fit, durability and its ability to absorb moisture make a leather lining the optimal choice for comfort-oriented consumers.


LOWA uses soft, buttery Nappa leather from cows that are 1-1.5 mm thick. It is not dyed, therefore retaining its open pores. That means its ability to absorb water lies somewhere around 200 percent of its own weight. Its large capacity to absorb moisture, as well as the comfortable fit of a leather-lined boot, enables long and pleasant wear time while still while maintaining dry feet that don’t overheat. Occasionally on lengthy treks, for example over several days, one has to take extra care to allow sufficient drying time of a leather-lined boot.

Textile Lining

A fabric or synthetic lining makes footwear lightweight and breathable. Good abrasion resistance speaks for itself and ensures durability. In addition, it offers outstanding temperature management.


When it comes to footwear linings, LOWA prides itself on a perfectly combined mix of polyester and polyamide materials. With that, we achieve a high level of comfort in our footwear based on the combination’s multi-faceted characteristics, including its ability to dissipate heat and moisture, a high abrasion-resistance and durability, as well as its pleasant hand feel.